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Lacee Steigerwald has had a lifelong fascination with Texas, America, and patriotism. Her studies of history and government give her the edge she needs to excite others about the real exceptionalism that exists in the country we live in.  A Christian, public speaker, and an avid writer, only recently has she begun making video and radio appearances.  We hope it is just the beginning of much much more!  She is a resident of Austin, Texas.

Honors Graduate of St. Edward’s University. BA in Psychology- Advanced Research and Human Development Side majors: World History, Texas History, American History, Texas Government and Radio, Television & Film  Associate member of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas and The Canary Islanders Association.

On The Fence with Lacee Steigerwald
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 
4:05 PM ET - 6:00 PM ET